Who's taking pictures of you?

I take all the photos published on the blog myself, unless I am the subject. In such case I resort to using self-timer and since early 2020 my partner is taking quite a few pictures. Generally I don’t like using pictures from photo banks on blogs. It is my opinion that blogging is about sharing experiences, including taking photos.

What are you taking pictures of? What camera are you using?

I take most of the photos from different places and trips on iPhone (currently it's model 11) and when I try to capture more detail on everything else, be that lingerie, cosmetics, erotic toys and aids, I go to my trusted Nikon D750.

Why don't you show your face on the blog?

Although I have no regrets about my past and rather colorful and spicy life - on the contrary, I am grateful for all of it. However I fully realise that not everybody is willing to share my opinion. That’s why I would not like to include my positive attitude towards eroticism, sexual openness and casual encounters with my clients in my personal and professional life. Anonymous form of blogging gives me the perfect opportunity to be very open in my posts.

Is it possible to meet you?

No, I didn't start my blog with the intention to meet or make personal contacts. If you have anything on your mind, write me an email and I will be happy to answer.
If you are a representative of a brand, company, or e-shop and would like to cooperate, you can contact me here.

Will there be another book?

Yes, but probably it takes some time. I love writing, but currently, I don't have time to write another book.