This page is used to clarify the functioning of the blog and to avoid possible misunderstandings or misconceptions.

I compiled and wrote all the information on the blog based on my own experience with the given product, to the best of my knowledge and conscience. These are my subjective feelings, observations, and experiences, so it is only natural that you may not have to share the same view and opinion.

All photos and texts are my property. Due to the widespread theft of photos so common these days on the internet, I was forced to start using the logo over the photos.

Everything I recommend or what I refer to suits me and I do not guarantee that it will suit you, even though I hope so.

For me, the blog is primarily a hobby and source of relaxation. I don't want it to become an advertising space. I bought most of the posted and featured products myself and I insert links to e-shops and websites where you can get a similar product here only because I do not have the capacity to answer your questions individually.

Occasionally, sponsored content or products that I received as part of collaboration may appear here. However, the payment will in no way affect my rating and the resulting text. In my articles, I recommend only products and services which I am satisfied with...