Welcome to my blog, which I started writing in 2018 about my dating experiences. I had been a companion and met gentlemen from all over the world, enjoyed time with them and satisfied their most secret desires.

I created the blog for the sake of discretion only when I was almost done and I knew that was the last year of these non-binding trips for a reward.

During that time, I wrote a lot of articles, in which I described my experiences and spiciness of dating people for money. I have written perhaps more about this topic than I originally intended. All posts can be found in the section COURTESAN LIFE.

Writing a blog definitely helped me to make it easier to close one chapter of my life, which I will always remember with love and gratitude. I didn't want to quit this dating lifestyle, because I enjoyed the extravagant life in luxury hotel rooms in all over the world. I enjoyed all the passion sexual experiments, eagerly pushing the boundaries of pleasure and discovering new and hitherto unknown desires.

After they read my blog, I was approached by the Fortuna Libri publishing house with an offer that, in my opinion, could not be rejected. Writting a book about all my experiences, which was published in March 2020. I describe in it my journey from the village, which is hardly even on the map, the beginnings on dating portals and escort agencies, finding clients, mistakes I made, working on myself, the desire to reach the top, the passion, the luxury, in short, all the exciting things I loved and didn't really want to leave.

I am an optimist and I try to be even more positive and grateful everyday. Therefore, please don't expect complaints or heartbreaking stories on my blog. I try to write about everything wonderful, lovely, seductive, exciting or inspiring. I consciously and purposefully want to emphasize just good stuff. Not only to attract amazing things and positive people to my life. But above all because I belive it's time for a beautiful, fulfilling, exciting passionate life, here and now…

Unfortutely, because of our daily responsibilities we sometimes forget or neglect all the pleasures of life, which is a pity…

Thanks to blogging, my long-forgotten love - writing - came back to my life. I´ve always liked to put my thoughts on paper. In high school I was active in a student magazine.

During my university studies, I almost forgot what it was like to write for joy and about the topic I love and enjoyed. Because I wrote one essay after another. Thanks to the blog, I am enjoying this rediscovered hobby again and I m very happy about that.

You will never see a photo of my face here. Although I am very open in my written speech and I am not ashamed of anything in my life. I decide to protect my privacy and personal information. I am very well aware that this is a slightly controversial topic, we still live in a society where sex work is stigmatised, and it makes disclosing feel like walking a tightrope.

However, I will tell you at least a little about myself here. I was born in the sign of Virgo, and if there is anything that fits me, it is a description of this sign. I love beautiful #matchimatchi things. Cleanliness and order are an important part of my life. Clutter, confusion and chaos stress me out. In the autumn, I blew out 30 candles on the cake and until then I not only managed to finish my studies, I wrote the already mentioned book, I flew away to the last meeting with the client, but I also fell madly in love…

I hope that my current and future life will be no less naughty and exciting, even if in a slightly different way. So I will be very happy to go on sharing all my joys and pleasures, especially sexy lace lingerie tips and review on erotic toys.



If you have any questions, questions or wishes, do not hesitate to contact me :-)

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