I am really glad that you were interested in the article Gifts for naughty girls. It’s been quite some time since I got so many reactions on a post, so I was happy about that.

So, we are going to continue in this topic but from the opposite perspective. I’d like to share few tips with you which I enjoyed using in the past as a Valentine’s gift or something complimentary for the specific men whenever I felt like using it.

Someone claims that specially in non-binding relationships no one expects the fairy „happily after ever” so there is no need for presents. Due to the dynamics of the relationship are the roles set and it’s obvious that the woman is supposed to be one who receives gifts and attention.

Anyway, speaking from my own personal experience, even though you are spending time with a man that is able to fulfil all his material dreams and you are not his partner, it will surely pleasantly surprise him if you show him this as a reminder of your affection. Everyone likes to feel special and gifted.  And it’s also great change not to always be the one who is unwrapping bows on the gifts and who receives all the gift bags. You also show that you care about the person no matter the real reason- if you are hoping that it’ll someday turn into a relationship, or you just want to keep the attention so you can benefit from this romance. And it can be some sort of flirt at work or, mistress sort of relationship maybe even with financial benefits for yourself.

„I just wanted to surprise you. “This sentence is absolutely enough because sometimes more words can make a damage. It doesn’t matter how you feel about them it’s just that huge affection may feel overwhelming and not pleasant for everyone. Sometimes it’s better to let the imagination take over so he can think about this gesture on his own. Another advantage is that no one can confront you that you promised them endless love and affection… Because nobody talked about this, and you just wanted to make them happy and enjoy the time to the fullest with them.


Lingerie is always a great choice if you buy it for yourself from your partner’s card (this is ideal situation) or reward yourself and present it as a present for your partner. If we are talking about the second situation, I understand that you may not want to spend hundreds of euros for luxurious lingerie from famous brands. You know that I stand by the fact that the pretty things should our partners buy us. For the Saint Valentine’s Day, you can easily buy grindle and stockings to your favourite black lingerie set. I have it tested those men appreciate pretty lingerie every time and they don’t think about whether they have already seen it or not. And if you light up few red candles you have the right atmosphere ready.


„Lingerie was created from the desire to have some parts covered and some parts more visible. “Says the famous quote said by famous actress G. Lollobrigida and I have to agree. This quote is perfect for the description of bodysuits.

Coveralls or bodysuits (every eshop uses different name) are amazing. You don’t have to take it off because there is plenty of holes for teasing all the erogenous zones and they are easily storable so it’s a great piece for a date behind the doors of hotel room when you don’t plan on taking a bigger luggage.

You also don’t have to worry about the size because it’s unisize. You can have dinner with dessert because coveral hides everything in comparison with gridles which can be uncomfortable if they aren’t stretchy (I am talking about the satin ones from AP). And the holes help to form the figure perfectly.


All the jewellery, body rhinestones for intime parts of your body look sexy. If you are intending on wearing them on your naked body only or in combination with pretty stockings with lace ending or with lacy robe or panties. My tip are those red rhinestones which look incredible.


I really like the lace or latex chokers which can be great accessory to your outfit and you can give small hint to your partner how would like to play with him if you are into role play and light SM.