In the beginning it's heavenly - that kind of groping, dating, flirting, when you're not really sure, you don't know where the dates will go, and you have butterflies in your stomach. I personally consider it one of the most magical periods of a relationship. You recognize yourself, of course the enchantment effect works at a thousand percent, so you only see the beautiful in yourself. Even if it is in the beginning of the meetings when men try to come up with interesting programs, it is not even necessary. Because whatever we do with our loved one at that moment, we think it's the best, wonderful and covered in sunshine. But with increasing time, responsibilities, maybe children, or just a stereotype, the effort to come up with original and unforgettable dates often goes away. And that's a huge shame - right now you need to realize that you need to work on the relationship, unless you want to sit next to each other on the couch watching TV for the next twenty years.

You know that I'm keen on the traditional division of roles, but in the case of meetings, or arranging a date, when you haven't dated for a long time, because you've been living together for x years, maybe you're married and have children, in short, the initial groping is over a long time ago, I definitely don't think , that it is necessary or desirable to leave the initiative to men alone. Of course, if you have a creative partner who is coming up with one idea after another, you may not have time to participate in the process; anyway, I think it's nice for each party to show activity once in a while, regardless of who is usually more active in your relationship in these things (by which I mean coming up with a common agenda for the two of you).

Although you can find a lot of less traditional ideas on the Internet for what to do on Valentine's Day than just a romantic dinner, I believe that many of you do not want to deny yourself a gourmet experience or, like us, you do not have enough time for other activities. So how do you pass the time between dinner and moving to your hotel room or your bedroom?


Regardless of where you will be on the 14th of February, you can take the initiative and start teasing your partner subtly. You can use my Valentine's tip this year at a private dinner at home, a date at a private cinema, on a boat ride, to sum it up, anywhere. This is a piece with which (if your loved one is not one of the connoisseurs of the portfolio of most sex shops) you will surprise and delight at the same time. Try tights with a hole. You can choose from a lot of designs, either lace, nude, black ones or shiny ones (which I personally do not recommend, because shiny stockings never look good on the leg, but more on that another time)...

You have a lot of options to choose from and I believe you won't go wrong with any of them. I really like stockings with a hole in the crotch and I have already recommended them to you here a few times. I am convinced that it will meet the requirements of each and every one of you. Paradoxically, the missing gusset adds the right amount of fantasy to inconspicuous body stockings. What I like about this type of tights is that what they hide is inconspicuous at first glance. Everyone sees the elegant leg in the stocking, and only the person you choose will know. If your Valentine's dinner is the first, it can also happen that it will be the last, and your exposed lap may not even be seen by the person in question... I believe that your date will not turn out like this and you will enjoy not only a great evening, but also a passionate night. Because just for spicy games are women's erotic tights with a hole in the crotch created.